Standing toe to toe with a Rwandan Mountain gorilla or looking down precision optics at a cheetah family can be life-changing moments - they are not to be cheapened or compromised. Exodus staff, here and in the field are the fundamental reason so many return to wildlife holidays with us, thrilled by their safari or expedition, seduced by the species but respectful of our faint footprint on its existence.


From the windswept beaches of Tierra del Fuego at South America's tip to sunny Cape Town, South Africa, and Melbourne, Australia, penguin colonies exist in many strikingly beautiful destinations. There is however no where better to see these striking creatures then the Antartic sub continent.


Leopards or tigers, lions or cheetahs, jaguars or ocelots. Tough one isn't it. However many pious pilgrims try to convince you a rare bird or distant ungulate is their favourite species we all know perfectly well nothing raises the pulse like a predator, particularly cats. Beautiful yet savage, cunning yet often indolent, they are as enigmatic as they are intoxicating, don't expect our guides to think differently.


Elephants are very intelligent, sociable animals who live in close knit family groups, with an older matriarch and several generations of relatives. The African elephant is the largest living land mammal and the largest concentration of elephants can be spotted on safari in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa.

The Asian elephant has smaller ears than its larger African counterpart. In India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, you can spot wild Asian elephants, although a large proportion are now domesticated and used for ceremonial purposes and forestry.

Grand American Adventures

Grand American Adventures wildlife tours focus on exploring the great outdoors and getting close to the indigenous wildlife of the Americas. Encounter bison, moose, wolf and elk in the USA; search for bears and whales in Canada and Alaska; or spot monkeys, toucans and sloth in Central and South America.


Happy Feet, Frozen Planet and Life in the Freezer have given this icy paradise a good name, rightfully so. However the critical aspect of any visit there is the ship employed. A 14 decked gin palace will just touch the surface of this remarkable continent, not so a 100 person research vessel.

Exodus takes its expeditions very seriously here, has pioneered many new itineraries and leaves a very gentle footstep on what is a precarious environment.


Bathed in perpetual daylight during the summer months, the Arctic region is a pristine wilderness that only the most intrepid of travellers venture to. There are numerous definitions of the Arctic region, however the boundary is generally considered to be north of the Arctic Circle (66° 33’N).


This is where wildlife viewing started, the original home of safaris. Whether it is the open plains of the Rift Valley, the primates of Rwanda or the fabled Southern parks of Kruger, Moremi, Chobe or Hwange the sheer number of animals are stupefying. Exodus have a lot of expertise in this continent and many passengers' safari numbers are already well into double figures.

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