Walking & Treking

A collection of the world's best walks and treks from the leading specialist in adventures on foot - from famous trails to the truly remote across all the great mountain ranges.

Exodus has led the way with our Walking & Trekking holidays for over 35 years and is the world's leading walking and trekking tour operator for destinations as diverse as Nepal, Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail and Italy.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, rises three miles straight up out of the surrounding plains. From the base you look up at an awe-inspiring mountain, beckoning you closer to experience it yourself. The ascent travels through farmland, forest and giant heather, across moors and alpine desert; ultimately reaching the eternal snows of Kibo at sunrise. This is the highest point in all Africa.

Desert Treks

Far from being barren wastelands, deserts are biologically rich habitats with a vast array of animals and plants that have adapted to the harsh conditions there. Some deserts are among the planet's last remaining areas of total wilderness. Yet more than one billion people, one-sixth of the Earth's population, actually live in desert regions.

Wadi Rum is one of the most vast, dramatic desert trekking locations on the planet. It’s little wonder that this beautiful location became the setting for huge Hollywood blockbusters such as Lawrence of Arabia and Prometheus.

Wildlife Walks

The best way to get a real feel for wildlife is on foot. On a walking safari holiday you can learn a huge amount that would be missed on a standard safari holiday, tracks, spoor, smells and other signs.

Classic Treks

Whether you camp, stay in mountain huts or use local gîtes and hotels, these treks all have one thing in common: point-to-point walking. Discover new scenery each day. These are our 'Classic' Treks.

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