Spectacular voyages through Polar regions, Antarctica and the Arctic plus The Falklands, South Georgia, South Orkneys and South Shetland islands.

Polar Expedition Voyages

The programme of itineraries and activities is designed to maximise your time with an adaptable approach. No two voyages are the same. Wildlife, weather and ice play their part, adding immense interest to the expedition. We also like to pioneer new landings whenever possible. Your days will be busy but will also provide time for quiet reflection.

For those who are on their first voyage, rest assured, your staff and crew have racked up hundreds of expeditions and thousands of sea days between them in these fabled waters.


Although tents are provided, many spend the hours of darkness in silence gazing up at a starscape beyond description. It is not just the bragging rites that follow a night on the ice, it is the ethereal dawn, the distant song of a humpback and the groan of a Weddell seal. Even if sleep is in short supply the wake up call of gentoos or adelies is a far cry from an alarm clock or police sirens. Not to be missed, although obviously weather dependent.


The adventure of an Antarctic expedition is the ultimate holiday experience. The 7th continent, Antarctica, is for many the ultimate wilderness grail – a pristine area navigable only by small specially ice-strengthened Russian vessels.

To take an Antarctica holiday cruising through the towering, twisted and tortured deep blue and turquoise ice with breaching whales, cavorting seals and porpoising penguins is the definitive marine wildlife experience. Our ships are state of the art with very good stabilizers, outstanding crew and haute cuisine guaranteeing that Antarctica Expedition Holidays will be the trip of a lifetime.


Bathed in perpetual daylight during the summer months, the Arctic region is a pristine wilderness that only the most intrepid of travellers venture to. Accompanied by expert guides and like-minded adventurers, your Arctic expedition holiday onboard a state of the art ice-rated ship is sure to both educate and amaze.

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