There's no single unchanging formula for a Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure holiday. On some trips the focus is on wilderness exploration, on others wildlife, history or culture.

Our Discovery collection gathers together the best cultural, wildlife and active holidays from around the globe, covering almost 90 countries and a whole world of experiences, and with an increased range of Premium Adventures this year, we continue to offer the same great Exodus trips with a little extra comfort.

Serious Adventure

A number of our trips delve off-the-beaten-track to explore out-of-the-way locations, while others visit well-known sites but involve an extended element of roughing it en route. The journey on these trips is not just about ticking off sites and attractions, but also about the adventure of exploring new landscapes, cultures and customs. Some are in purpose built expedition vehicles, allowing self-sufficient travel, and require an element of ‘mucking in’ as you will often be asked to help out with group tasks, while others require specialist skills to conquer some of the worlds highest peaks or most hostile environments.

Take a closer look at the holidays listed below. Be warned they're certainly tough!


What you say is a crucial part of a holiday, and we have gone to great lengths to find accommodation that provides extra comfort, character, convenience and value. Again, five-star hotels won’t feature on the agenda, but itineraries guarantee a greater degree of comfort after your day’s efforts.


The names of many of the world's greatest cultural sites are well known to most - Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal, the cities of Roma or Prague. But other sites of are equally inspiring and culturaly inspiring, if a little less well known and in some cases a little less accessible. The Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, China, the great monasteries of Lhasa, Tibet, and the amazing Roman ruins of Leptis Magna in Libya are some of the finest sites on earth. There are too many to name, but from the great museums of Florence, to the hidden city of Petra and the vast temple complex of Angkor Wat, we will show you a different side to many of the world's greatest cultural attractions.

Let us make the introductions, let the world make an impression on you.

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