Cycling Holidays & Mountain Biking Holidays Worldwide, off road and back road trips, biking adventures and vacations in small groups.

One world, two wheels. Since 1994 we've developed the widest range of cycling holidays across the globe. From relaxing rides through France, to challenging mountain biking, Exodus has a trip grade to suit you.

Cycle Challenges

For some of us, simply riding a rolling route isn’t enough of a challenge, so we have designed a number a Cycling holidays that will push you to your limits. Long distances, remote locations and plenty of hills to climb! If you want to take your cycling to the next level then check out the trips below.

Drop Bars

Ever wanted to join the peloton? Have you yearned to take your place on the start line of a European cyclosportive, or simply been inspired to go up a gear from your normal cycle commute? Now’s your chance...


To ensure you get the most from your experience, perhaps the most important element of an Exodus cycling holiday is the bike itself. Trek, Specialized or other well-known brands are available locally on all tours, although occasionally numbers may be limited if you book late. Prices and models are shown on each trip page and payment is made on booking. Prices range from £55 to £175 per trip. If hiring a bike, feel free to bring your own saddle, gel cover or pedals for additional comfort.

New Trips

Exodus has been sporting the best adventures on two wheels for over forty years, and the formula is unbeatable. We continue to search for unique destinations, fresh itineraries and great cyling routes. This year we have launched a number of exciting new cycling trips with something for everyone, so whether you're looking for a drop bar challenge, an off-road ride through Central America or a two-wheeled adventure in Laos, we have got the perfect new trip for you.

Off-Road / Mountain

These trips follow a mixture of dirt roads, paths and trails. These may be smooth and hardpacked, or loose, rutted, steep and rocky, and are often in hilly or mountainous terrain. On some trips, the tracks are mostly vehicle-width, but on others we aim for a higher proportion of singletrack riding. For trips of grade C and over, some off-road experience is recommended.

Self-Guided Cycling

The perfect choice for those who like to cycle independently, we have added support to minimise the hard work and planning. We arrange your accommodation and provide you with maps and route notes, so you can cycle at your own pace from one hotel to the next. Your bags are transported for you, so all you carry is what you need for the day's ride.

Road Cycling Tours

Itineraries are based at least 70% on tarmac, which may be in good condition or potholed. Some routes also include occasional sections on unsurfaced tracks, but these will not require any specific technical riding skills. We design our routes to avoid overly busy roads, but you should be comfortable occasionally riding in traffic. The terrain varies from flat to hilly.

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